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south Bruce Grey Health Centre - Walkerton is experiencing an increase in the number of mental health patients arriving at the Emergency Department. This, in turn, presents an increased risk of violence.

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Safe Room

SBGHC plans to create a ‘safe room’ in the Emergency Department at the Walkerton Hospital in order to have a safe physical environment to hold patients until they can be transferred to a more appropriate facility. The Emergency Department Safe Room will be used as a holding area for patients showing signs of aggression.


The safe room will be equipped with safety features to protect both the patient and staff member including:

  • Each room will be equipped with a double hinged door so the door can swing in and out

  • The bed will be epoxied to the floor and specialized building materials will be used to prevent damage of the walls and ceilings

  • Water and electricity shut-offs to the rooms are required to prevent staff having to enter the room during a violent episode

  • The lock will card access so staff can quickly leave the room in case a situation escalates

  • The room will be equipped with cameras and speakers so staff can speak with the patients without entering the room