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The Acute Care Unit at South Bruce Grey Health Centre’s Walkerton Site is in need of an upgrade to the essential tools to provide high quality, safe patient care.

The Walkerton & District Hospital Foundation will be raising $110,775 for the purchase of these essential tools.

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Ventilators are a life-saving device that provide continuous positive airway pressure for patients suffering from various lung conditions. Pressurized air is delivered through a tubemask to the patient’s airways, keeping the throat muscles from collapsing and reducing obstructions by acting as a splint. Bi-pap reduces the incidence of intubations by providing non-invasive positive respiratory therapy and support. The Walkerton Site Acute Care Unit’s ventilator and bi-pap machine require replacement, as they have reached end of life and replacement parts are no longer available

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IV Pumps

IV fluids and medications are administered to patients through an IV pump, which controls the rate and proper dosage. Best practice guidelines advise the use of IV pumps instead of gravity administration for patient safety. The Walkerton Site Acute Care Unit has a limited number of IV pumps, making it difficult for staff to deliver this standard of care.

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Air Mattress

Air mattresses are used frequently for bed-ridden patients to provide comfort and reduce the incidence of pressure sores/ulcers. We are seeing an increase in the number of patients who would benefit from the use of an air mattress, and we currently do not have one for the Walkerton Site Acute Care Unit.

Vital Signs Monitor.jpg

Vital Signs Monitors

Vital signs monitors are used daily on all patients in the Acute Care Unit, and connect to our electronic medical record to send information to the patient’s chart from point of care. The Walkerton Site Acute Care Unit has a limited number of vital signs monitors, making it difficult for staff to perform this frequent task.

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Sit-To-Stand Lift

Patients who are not able to stand on their own can use a sit-to-stand lift to prevent secondary complications that often result from prolonged use of a wheelchair. This tool is frequently used in the Walkerton Site Acute Care Unit, as a large number of our patients are seniors requiring rehabilitation/convalescence. Our current sit-to-stand lift has reached end of life and requires replacement.