Download and print a monthly giving form that you can fill in and mail or drop off to us. All information is kept secure and confidential.


Making a monthly gift is a great way to give. It provides the Hospital Foundation with a steady source of income, while it is an easy way for you to spread your donations out over the year. This way, more patients will benefit from your generosity through savings on mailing and administrative costs.

Why Choose Monthly Giving:

  • Consistent Income: Receiving your donation on a regular basis allows the Hospital to plan for improvements and projects well in advance.
  • Beneficial Investment: You will be helping to fund vital projects at the Hospital so they will be there when you or your loved ones need it most.
  • A Win-Win Situation: Your donation dollars will go further due to reduced mailing and administrative costs.
  • Financially Affordable: A monthly giving plan is easy to fit into your budget as it is a donation of your choice given monthly.
  • A Timesaver: All monthly donations are done through automatic withdrawals from your account or charged to your credit card.

There are two payment options: you can use your credit card or set up withdrawals from your chequing account for monthly donations. You will receive one tax receipt for your total donation at the end of each year. You may change the amount or cancel your monthly gift at any time.