At the Walkerton Hospital, lives are being restored everyday through the efforts of doctors and staff. Many people who have experienced renewed health choose to leave a legacy gift to ensure proper healthcare for future generations to come.

Legacy giving is a way to arrange your financial affairs to enable you to take care of those close to you while showing your commitment to the healthcare in your community by making a lasting contribution to your hospital. The Legacy Giving program goal is to raise awareness of the importance of thoughtful, well-planned, tax-preferred gifts and their impact on the quality of life for everyone in our communities. Legacy gifts can include a bequest, a life insurance policy, marketable securities, trusts, memoriam gifts, or an annuity.

After doing the proper research and talking to family members and financial advisors that will help you make the appropriate decision, you will need to determine which way you would like to leave your legacy.

To learn more about Legacy Giving please see our brochure.



In a bequest, you designate in your will, a gift to be donated to Foundation on your behalf after you pass away. A bequest can take the form of cash, real estate, or other valuables such as stocks, bonds, or guaranteed income certificates. Upon your passing, the gift will be transferred to the Foundation and a tax receipt will be issued lessening the amount of taxes owing on your estate.


The gift of a marketable security can include stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. This type of gift offers a partial exemption of taxation and a charitable tax receipt will be issued for full fair market value on the day of the transfer.


A planned gift can be made to the Foundation through giving ownership or noting the Foundation as beneficiary to a new or existing life insurance policy. In both cases, immediate tax benefits will be noted. By structuring your donations this way, you will benefit today from ongoing tax credits as well as supporting your local hospital with a large gift in the future. 


Investing money or property in a trust is a special way to make a gift to your hospital, while it allows, in return, to enjoy the income from an investment or the use of an asset during your lifetime. Upon your passing, the remainder of the investment will be transferred to the Foundation.